We are experienced asbestos removal contractors. We safely remove and dispose of asbestos, complying with all legislation and guidelines.

Our Asbestos Removal Services


We are licensed by the HSE to remove asbestos coatings, insulation and insulation board as well as non-notifiable ACM’s (asbestos containing materials) like asbestos cement, floor tiles, gaskets etc.


Asbestos Management


We offer a comprehensive range of services to aide Duty holders with their responsibility under the Control of asbestos regulations 2012.




Duty holders have a responsibility under law to manage asbestos in their premises.

The management plan will put in place a system of re-inspections of any ACM present on their premises.


This will ensure that any ACM’s will be regularly monitored to ascertain if the condition of the ACM has deteriorated since the last inspection.  Action must be taken if the condition of the ACM has deteriorated since the last inspection.


In simple terms the Management Plan will identify the presence, location & condition of the ACM’s. Roles & responsibilities will be defined in the management plan.


Repair / Encapsulation of ACM’s


ACM’s which are in a good condition and unlikely to be disturbed can be protected using various methods such as over cladding or industry standard sealants.


Removal of ACM’s


Where there is an imminent risk of the spread or exposure to asbestos we would recommend removal. All removal processes are carried out in line with current legislation, set out by the HSE.


Removal of ACM’s are always carried out within “Designated areas” called enclosures or respirator zones.  All our staff are trained to the highest industry standards and receive regular refresher training to keep up to date with legislative changes.


Air Monitoring of asbestos remediation works


Air monitoring is carried out as an integral part of the remediation process (in most cases). This certification will ensure areas which have undergone remediation works have the required “Re-occupation” certification


Waste Disposal


All our asbestos will be transported and disposed of in line with current legislation set out by the EA & HSE. Asbestos waste consignment notes will be issued to all clients.


Nationwide Service

We work nationwide on both commercial and domestic asbestos removal.

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